Personal & Business Brand Expert | Spiritual Healer & Guide

Scarlett Vespa is a trailblazer in combating ageism by challenging stereotypical attitudes towards women over 50. Her own experience of ageism in her 40s gave birth to the idea of AGERICH®, a platform that aims to shift the conversation about growing older.

As the founder of AGERICH® and Mrs V® Creative, Scarlett’s passion for personal development and spiritual growth began at an early age. This passion proved to be life-saving after she lost everything in 2010. Inspired by this transformational experience, she launched the Mrs V Shift in 2017, an annual event that empowers women over 40 to have a voice. Scarlett’s work gained her media attention, including appearances on popular morning talk shows and coverage in national media outlets.

Scarlett’s 25-year career in media and advertising reflects her resilience and determination to succeed. She worked on Hollywood sets with A-list actors such as Nicole Kidman and Jack Thompson and became one of Australia’s first female TV commercial directors. She worked for corporate advertising giants such as Disney, David Jones, and Westfield and generated millions of dollars in revenue as the head of Broadcast for the Commonwealth Bank. Despite gender biases, Scarlett remained steadfast in her career goals.

Today, Scarlett runs her successful Brand & Content Agency, Mrs V® Creative, alongside AGERICH®. AGERICH® offers age-positive solutions for individuals seeking confidence and visibility in their professional and personal lives. Scarlett provides Alchemy Sessions, Workshops, the Corporate Ageism Program, and Luxury Products to support anyone looking to transform their life, whether it be for career changes, starting a business, gaining confidence, or spiritual development.